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Pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure sensors

Welcome to Czech company Cressto s.r.o. websites. We are producing transmitters, gauges and modules for electrical pressure measurement.. Mainly pressure transmitters with analog current, voltage output and/or digital with serial communication RS485, RS232, USB. Our company also offer digital pressure gauges with LED or LCD displays, that are battery powered or 230V 50Hz. Our devices are able measure pressure in nominal range from tens Pa to tens MPa, i.e. from one tenth mbar to hundred bar. Some products are available in Ex implementation - Intrinsic Safety, applicable in to the area with explosion hazards. In case you didn't find exactly what you were looking for, contact us, we can modify or prepare the product according to your requests. In addition to pressure measurements we also deal with productive leak detection. These tasks are designed as a special measuring device or use mass produced testers company Ceta Testsysteme GmbH.

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Thanks AMPER 2014

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We would like to kindly thank you for visitation on international trad...

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New ATEX pricelist


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Presure ranges widening

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A little history of pressure measurement

[26.10.2012]   Demonstration of pressure transducers production TESLA Rožnov from years around 1980.

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